How to Treat a Sunburn
How to Treat a Sunburn

Too much sunlight can cause your skin to burn, especially when you aren’t wearing proper protective clothing and sunscreen. To reduce the risk of the sun causing extensive damage to your skin, it is recommended that you treat it as soon as you notice skin irritation. One of the most immediate methods to prevent further damage is to move out of the sunlight and into a shaded area. Other methods to quickly treat sunburns include:

  • Get a wet/cold towel and wrap the burned area.

This method will help remove the excess heat from your skin and keep the dry area moist. Dryness of the skin can cause issues such as cracks in the pores among other negative effects. It is also good to take a cold shower in an effort to cool the entire body and allow water to be trapped in the areas of excess heat.

  • Use Aloe Vera or Soy

Many people use Aloe or soy on their skin to treat sunburns. These products are often used as major ingredients in most moisturizers. Allow the gel-like substance to enter through the pores in the skin and cool the heated area. It also helps decrease the chances of scarring from the burn.

  • Drink extra water

Drinking plenty of fluid will reduce the excess heat and help to rehydrate the body, seeing as sunburns often cause dehydration.

  • Take prescribed medication

Sunburns can sometimes hurt, so taking the right form of medication will help to reduce the tension, swelling and the pain.

  • Avoid bursting or scratching blisters

Blisters may form on the skin as a result of a sunburn. When they appear on the skin, it is highly recommended that you do not try to remove them by scratching or bursting, as this will worsen the condition and leave scars in the long-term.