Comedian Jimmy Pardo Inks TV Deal with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco
Comedian Jimmy Pardo Inks TV Deal with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco

Comedian Jimmy Pardo has been on role of late, having wowed crowds at a recent event that he had participated in, Pardo promised his fans that they should brace themselves for something new and great from him and it seems that they don’t have to wait any more.

Pardo has just a new TV deal with Conaco, a Conan O’Brien’s Production and Development company, reports indicate.

The new deal will see the comedian, Jimmy Pardo becoming the warm up comedian act as well as a panelist on “Conan.” In addition to that, Pardo, a well-known stand-up comic, will also help in developing both unscripted and scripted reality programs which will be produced by Conaco, a production and Development Company which is based at Warner Bros. TV group.

Before inking the new deal, Pardo has been known to feature on a number of late night shows in the U.S. For instance Pardo has in the past hosted “Conan’s” “The Pardo Patrol” which is basically a backstage celebrity interview series which belongs to In addition to that he has also served as the warm-up comedian on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.”

Pardo is also known for hosting his weekly podcast “Never Not Funny,” which, ever since his debut back in 2006, has been gaining numerous views and subscribers, a fact that his popularity I increasing by the day.

Pardo recently developed and acted as the executive producer of “the Weeklies with Jimmy Pardo,” a pilot which was shot for TBS from Conan’s production and development company.  Its good to note that he also acted as the host in that pilot.