Czech Reality Show Recreates Life Under Nazi Occupation
Czech Reality Show Recreates Life Under Nazi Occupation

The new Czech based show is centered on a Czech family which leaves in a remote mountainside village struggles to live under Nazi occupation privations. The family struggles to deal with a number of issues for instance food rationing as well as Gestapo spies who seem to be everywhere as well as streets filled with German soldiers. 

According to the director of the show, they were trying to recreate life under the Nazis for a regular family and to do that they featured a modern day family that leaved among Nazi soldiers who were portrayed by the show’s actors.

The show, which was shot for two months during summer in 2014, is shown on public broadcast channel Ceska Televize (CT) and it will be an eight episode series of holiday in the Protectorate. It will have episode titles such as “With the Gestapo at my back” as well as “Rules of Survival”.

While speaking with the media about his show, director Zora Cejnkowa sad that he spent lots of time just looking for a concept that will be able to showcase life in a different time. 

“I spent a long time looking for a concept that would allow me to show life in another era while ensuring the highest level of authenticity,” he said. 

There have been mixed reaction on his project with one columnist in Israel Times writing that, “Fortunately for the family, they will not be treated like the 82,309 Jews who lived in the protectorate and were deported by the Nazis to concentration and death camps or were killed by Czech collaborators.”