Khloe Slams Rob Kardashian For Having A Wild Party At Her House
Khloe Slams Rob Kardashian For Having A Wild Party At Her House

Khloe Kardashian, 30, is furious with Rob, her little brother for hosting a wild party in his house. To make even worse is the fact that she had to clean up his mess, something which made her even angrier given the fact that he had just finished decorating her house.

The 30-year old Khloe is visited by Kim Kardashian and Kim asks her what actually happened in the house! Khloe told Kim that although their brother Rob will not socialize with his family, he has loud parties constantly in her house and she just can’t stop him from inviting these “wh*res” over to her house.

What follows is Khloe being completely grossed out by the state in which her house had been left in after the party. On the other Hand Rob’s other sister Kim, can’t believe that Rob is the one who is having all these parties and that he also had no respect for her older sister. 

Rob Kardashian is still very strict when it comes to interaction with his family although Khloe has personally taken the task of bringing him closer to the family so as to bond with the other family members.

In the meantime Scott Disick is back to his old ways. Soon after Scott’s wife and Khloe’s sister Kourtney Kardashian gave birth Scott got extremely wasted and went M.I.A for three good days. He was later found in Aspen and he looked like a mess due to all the partying and drinking.