Pamela Anderson's son Brandon Lee is a big boy
Pamela Anderson's son Brandon Lee is a big boy

Maybe the marriage between Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson wasn’t perfect, but kids from it are! They have two boys, Brandon (18) and Dylan (17). Pamela Andersons attended to the premiere of The Gunman at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live, with her elder son Brandon.

She looked great in a golden dress, nothing new for Pam. But, the real surprise was Brandon. He took all ‘’good’’ gens from his mother. He looked great in all-black suit and sunglasses. Before the premiere, he tweeted about the event as ‘’date with mama’’.

The last time when these two were on the red carpet together, was in 2002. Although, Brandon says ‘’I am a momma’s boy’’, Pam isn’t the only lady in his life. Before the event, Bella Thorne wished a luck (on twitter) at the premiere of Brandon, he replied ‘’thanks baby. I wished you could be here with me’’.

Pamela filed for divorce from Rick Salomon. This couple had very complicated marriage! They first married in 2007 but got separated a few months later. They remarried in 2014. Soon Pam filed for the divorce, but after 6 months dismissed her divorce petition. According to one of Pam’s statements, she hopes that her kids won’t make the same mistake!

As you already know, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have a sex tape. In several occasions, Pam was commenting that. The Movie Borat (2006), refers indirectly to that tape. She knew that sex tape is going to be a problem in the future. According to her latest statement, her kids knew about sex tape, but she explained to them that, at that time, she and Tommy were in love and they recorded everything!