A Funny Order
A Funny Order

A Pizza Hut in Florida received a funny order recently. It was an online order. There was pizza, garlic bread, and a few other items. However, the order also stated that the woman needed help because she was being held hostage. The employees did not know what to think of this since kids play these kinds of pranks all the time.

The employees, however, contacted the authorities. Soon after that, the woman received a knock on her door. It wasn’t the pizza man, however, it was law enforcement officials. The men holding the woman hostage could not believe it. He though he did everything right, except he forgot to turn off the woman’s electronic devices.

Luckily, the man did not make a big deal about it. He politely gave himself over to the authorities. He knew he had lost because of his stupidity. He was taken to jail, and he is going to do some time behind bars.

City officials thanked the Pizza Hut staff for recognizing this dangerous message and reporting it. There are rumors that the woman called back asking for her food, but this has not been established as truth yet.

This shook up this town, and it shows how valuable the Internet can be when in danger. It also shows that people should always keep some type of electronic device near them. You never know when a bad person will try to attack you right inside your home. This world gets crazier and crazier every single day. The whole idea is to be prepared.