A Laugh For A Good Cause
A Laugh For A Good Cause

People in L.A. who wanted a laugh on Friday did not have to go far at all. There was a great party going on at the Beverly Whistle Hotel. The actual event was titled ‘Cool Comedy, Hot Cuisine.’ 

The one and only Bob Saget hosted this event. Bob Saget told a few jokes, and he made a lot of people laugh. He went into detail about why this event was taking place. He discussed the Scleroderma Research Foundation and how the proceeds were going to the foundation. He also shared facts about the foundation and how they’re helping people throughout the world. 

The night continued with one great comedian after the other. These comedians brought great jokes and fresh material. There were many stars in attendance, too. In addition to this, there was also great food and drinks. 

Many people in attendance spoke with the press at the conclusion of this event. These individuals expressed how much of a great time they had at this event. They also expressed how funny the comedians were all night long. Going further, these individuals were happy that they were able to laugh and have a great time for a great cause. 

Bob Saget also spoke to the press and expressed how happy he was to host this type of event. He also stated that he would love to host this type of event in the future. He talked about how good it made him feel to host this type of event and have all of his friends there.