Brooklyn Academy of Music to host film retrospective on Stephen Chow
Brooklyn Academy of Music to host film retrospective on Stephen Chow

A film retrospective on Stephen Chow the famous actor and director from Hong Kong will have his eight movies showcased at the Brooklyn Academy of Music starting Monday.

If you are wondering who Stephen Chow is or if he has any affinity with Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan then try to recollect the following. Stephen Chow is the director of the gangster comedy “Kung Fu Hustle” a Hong Kong movie which went on to gross $17 million in the US.

Though the film became immensely popular in America, the director is relatively unknown in US. But the actor/producer is famous in Asia more than ever. His Movie “Journey to the West “was the highest grosser in China pushing the ticket sales of Iron Man 3 to second place last year.

The other notable films of Stephen Chow are “Shaolin Soccer” which was also a huge success in the US. But the retrospective of Stephen Chow is going to concentrate on his other films. A few films which he produced in the 1990’s and movies released in the last 10 years will be showcased.

Some of his other films that are going to be featured are Justice, My Foot, and God of Cookery”, King of Comedy etc. Stephen Chow’s movies always try to retain the classic goofiness of Hong Kong comedy movies where people offer the most inane and insane conversations and fights. His movies offer mindless silliness that is downright funny .King Fu Hustle is one such example where the bizarre story line has been made with his trademark silliness.