How to be a Comedian with the help of Comedy Clubs
How to be a Comedian with the help of Comedy Clubs

An aspiring comedian needs to have certain aces up his sleeves if he has to realize his dream of becoming a good standup comedian. Not all men with a sense of humor can be comedy artists. Here’s why
Seize the moment: To be a comedy artist one needs to practice and practice. Having a natural sense of humor is fine but one needs to have comedy gags on a range of topics. An artist with the same topic becomes repetitive and boring.

Be natural: This is most common advice doled out to all the aspirin g comedians but is the most difficult to achieve. A person who is naturally humorous may be tongue tied in front of an audience. However one needs to stick to the original style that he is comfortable with.

Be the audience: The aspiring comedy artist can then visit a few comedy clubs and be part of the audience. He can gauge the audience reactions and their preferences. He can also learn from the comedians who perform routinely at the comedy clubs. Watch their mannerisms and how they handle the crowd.

Have a trial run: Once the budding artist has gathered the confidence to perform, he can perform at any one of the comedy clubs to test his talent. One should not be perturbed if the audience does not appreciate the jokes that one thought were the best slapstick. There is always room for improvement and can go back to improving the comedy content. There is no hard set rules to succeed ,but one’s passion and never give up attitude sure will change things.