Meet Amy Schumer
Meet Amy Schumer

Comedienne Amy is not your ordinary gal, she is always ready with something witty to say! If you compliment her designer dress and nails, she would retort that she would rather dress every day as a rain cloud, all grey with no makeup. Very humble, isn't she?

Amy has won numerous awards for her work and people continue to recognise her talent as a comedienne and actress. Her sketch ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ has already won the 74th Peabody Award in New York, which is an honor given for excellence in broadcasting. She won the Trailblazer Award given by the prestigious Glamour Woman of the Year 2015, and her 6-minute acceptance speech has already received millions of views on Youtube! If you think that’s not a big deal, the other winners only received just a few thousand.

Amy has recently directed and starred in her own movie “Trainwreck”, with Director Judd Apatow. He says that she is not only funny, but you know that she has so much more to share of her life stories. The movie is about a girl named Amy, her crazy relationships and dating life.

What makes Amy so popular in America and Britain now is her unapologetic sarcasm. She talks about things that normally people wouldn't dare talk about in public, and she does it like it's no big deal. For instance, she comments about choosing to run a warm bath and slit her wrists instead of doing the non-stop publicity interviews. that she is doing now to promote her movie.

Amy is explicit; she is embarrassing and very, very funny.