Trend of comedy movies in US
Trend of comedy movies in US

In the past the US or we can say the Hollywood was thought to be a really serious movie maker. There are many movies that got. Most of them are serious or arts movies. The comedy movies were not as common. The trend changed and now Hollywood is producing many good comedy movies. The comedy movie by the Hollywood is quite common these days. The best-hit movie, which was truly based on comedy, was the American pie. After this movie there are lots of comedy movies coming. Recently made comedy movies are given here.

Due Date
This is a comedy movie with main actor Robert Downy Jr. The Jr’s acting was really hilarious on the whole movie, although he was acting smart, but there was foolishness in it.

Crazy stupid love
This is one of the movies based on the love and what you will get out of it when you have completed the love game.


This is one of the most amazing comedy movies. At night the friends are drugged and they find that one of their friends is missing so they start finding him. They get into hilarious troubles in these actions.

The change plan
In this movie the bodies of the two heroes are exchanged. One was young and the other was old and married and both of them realized that what they wanted was already with them so they decided they should come back to their bodies as they are best what they are.