Why is it so healthy to laugh?
Why is it so healthy to laugh?

You can often hear people saying that laugh prolongs life and does so many amazing things for us, so laugh as much as you can.

If you have problems with stress or your hormones, laugh will reduce stress hormone levels, which your body creates when you are stressful or feel anxiety.
Your immune system will become stronger and when you think about funny things, you will not be able to concentrate on anything else that is negative.

This may sound weird and FUNNY, but laugh can help you tone your abs, so what is even better, you can think of laugh as some sort of exercise. When you laugh your muscles ( in the stomach ) contract and expand and it is like you are doing any exercise for your abs.

Who wouldn’t wanna have fun and at the same time doing something good for their body and health?

If you know what endorphin is, then you definitely know how good and useful it is for us. It presents the body’s natural pain killers, and when we laugh our body releases the endorphin and we feel good like nothing bothers us. In case we are upset for some reason, endorphin will ease our pain.

If you laugh a lot that means that you are a positive person and it is widely known that people who have positive outlook on life live longer and can fight many diseases, which is not the case if you are constantly negative.

It cannot hurt you to smile, so do it.