Brinkley and Mellencamp Split
Brinkley and Mellencamp Split

Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp have decided to put an end to their relationship. The 62-year-old fashion personality and 64-year-old music artist arrived at the decision to split because of the demands of their jobs.

A representative has spoken for the couple and in an interview, it was mentioned that the frequent trips away from home and busy work schedule made it difficult for Christie and John to sustain a healthy relationship.

The news about the couple having ended their relationship surprised the public. It was only recently that Christie made a statement about the efforts she has been making in order to keep the spark of their relationship alive. She also mentioned that the two of them were trying to make the most of their time together.

The Brinkley-Mellencamp romance all started when the two met at a party last summer. Apparently, when Christie was in attendance at the St. Barth Hamptons Gala a month ago, she asked the reporters to refrain from asking her about her relationship status. This gave a hint to some that there was probably something wrong with her relationship with John.

In previous interviews with Christie, she told reporters that she finds it difficult to have a relationship with someone her age. She said she feels like she is invisible when committed to a man the same age. Regarding younger guys, she mentioned that these men seem to be very confident and that they are pleased to be doing just what they want to do.