Game Of Thrones Gets More Epic In IMAX Theaters
Game Of Thrones Gets More Epic In IMAX Theaters

If you have ever wanted to see those hulking dragons and epic battles in giant-sized dimensions, yearn no more. The HBO hit television series, Game Of Thrones is coming to IMAX Theaters at the end of January.

Episodes of the series are set to be shown at IMAX theaters in the United States as fans anticipate the start of the show's fifth season. In a partnership between IMAX and HBO, the theaters will show two episodes of Game Of Thrones alongside a trailer for season five. Fans can flock to one of the 150 theaters between January 23rd to 29th. This will be the first time IMAX has shown a television series in its huge-screen format.

Game Of Thrones watchers probably saw the final two episodes of season four back in June. Those two episodes will be screened by IMAX, followed by a trailer for season five, which will air on HBO in April. Talk is surfacing of an HBO service which will allow viewers to watch online.

IMAX theaters use screens of mammoth proportions, and could lend themselves quite well to the content of Game Of Thrones, which often includes action-packed duels and fantasy creatures. Measuring about seventy-two feet by fifty-three feet, the screens might make some cringe as they watch enemies behead each other or dangle from castle cliffs. The television series is based on the acclaimed novels by George R. R. Martin.

The move to show Game Of Thrones on IMAX screens is just the beginning. Other television shows are jumping onboard, such as Doctor Who.