Romney Versus…Holyfield?
Romney Versus…Holyfield?

On May 15 former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will again go toe-to-toe with a worthy contender. This time it is former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, who is sure to leave the politics out of it.

In an interview with Fox Business Insider, Holyfield called out Romney stating, “You can’t run and hide from me.”

The match is, of course, for charity and will be followed by a fundraiser for Charity Vision, a Salt Lake City nonprofit organization founded by physician Bill Jackson. Their goal is to provide equipment and eye-care for impoverished individuals around the world.

Holyfield, 52, appears to have no qualms about using his prowess in the ring. When asked in the same interview for Fox Business Insider if he would hit Romney, Holyfield answered, “We’ll see.”

Romney doesn’t have the best sparring record but this time he at least appears to know what he’s up against. “It will be a very short fight,” Romney stated in an interview with the Salt Lake City Tribune. “Or I will be knocked unconscious.” Perhaps Romney didn’t learn his lesson in his first bout with Obama: it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.