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Three stand-up comedians

Three stand-up comedians

Three stand-up comedians

We all love a good laugh, especially when we are attending a stand-up comedy show. There are so many good comedians that manage to talk about the most common problems, while still making everything hilarious. Check out these 3 names: Louis C.K is one of the most funny and realistic stand-up…

  • Comedy in Shakespeare’s Works

    Comedy in Shakespeare’s Works

    One of the greatest playwrights in the whole history of English Literature is William Shakespeare. His available works consists of 38 plays, 2 lengthy narrative poems, and 154 sonnets along with some other verses. He had created masterpieces in both tragedies and comedies. However, the word comedy…

  • A Laugh For A Good Cause

    A Laugh For A Good Cause

    People in L.A. who wanted a laugh on Friday did not have to go far at all. There was a great party going on at the Beverly Whistle Hotel. The actual event was titled ‘Cool Comedy, Hot Cuisine.’ The one and only Bob Saget hosted this event. Bob Saget told a few jokes, and he made a lot of…

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Louis Szekely

Louis Szekely

Louis Szekely

One of the best comedians, America has ever produced; Louis Szekely was born on September 12, 1967 to Mary Louise Szekely and Luis Szekely. His mother and father are highly educated and met in Harvard University. He was raised in Washington. His parents divorced when he was ten. According to him,…

  • Horror Movie or Comedy Movie

    Horror Movie or Comedy Movie

    It is a common debate among the friends that whether the horror movies or the comedy movies are better. Here is a short comparison between both the types of movies that will help you to cross the debate. • It is fact that both the type of movies attracts the viewers till the end of the movies,…

  • Comedy-makes People happy and Healthy for years

    Comedy-makes People happy and Healthy for years

    It is oblivious to say that the Comedy or Humor makes people healthy and happy and give them tendency to deal with hardships of life and live for more years. Comedy creates Laughter which is contagious or infectious and spread across the people around .Although Laughter doesn’t provide cure…